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Project Description
An ASP.Net MVC web application for operating a SVN repository without installing any SVN application in the client machine.

Notes: We need you :o)
As SVN.Net now is under initializing developing all people are welcomed to join us. What we need now are:
  • ASP.Net (MVC) web developer
  • HTML/CSS developer
  • Art Designer
Please contact us or comment in this page if you are interested in SVN.Net and want to share your passion and creativity.

Prerequisite for deploying SVN.Net Please refer to Steve Sanderson's article if you have any problem when deploy SVN.Net to IIS6.

Implemented Features
  • Access the SVN repository via internet website without any client side application installed.
  • Navigate in the SVN repository without download anything into the client machine.
  • Create, modify, delete and rename files and folders directly into repository.
  • Error checking on both client side and SVN side.
  • Download the files from the repository.

Future Feature
  • History, diff and blame tools.
  • Upload the files and commit.

Canceled Feature
  • Conflict checking and resolution.

Please visit another project created by me iMatrixitor.

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